Migrant workers in Kuwait between law redress and abuses


The Unit of Monitoring and Following-up Worker Rights’ Issues in Kuwait has issued a report on the status of migrant workers in Kuwait during the second third of 2018, in which they discussed the legal changes that targeted the workers and the impact of these changes at the local and international level.

The report recommended To abolish and replace the sponsorship system by a system that safeguards rights for all, and provide interpreters who can speak the main languages spoken by migrant workers in the Department of Labor Relations and their branches in the provinces farther to follow unified principles in the investigation and conduction of the complaints submitted to the Public Authority for Labor Force by workers against employers, especially in complaints of cancellation and transfer. 

The report recommended to enforce labor laws and their implementing decisions with a view to providing greater protection to migrant workers, including domestic workers, through inspection, follow-up, investigation and referral mechanisms and To enforce Law no. 91/2013 on human trafficking and smuggling of migrants, to double investigative and prosecutorial efforts and to emphasize punishment for perpetrators of human trafficking offenses and double efforts to raise awareness of all forms of human trafficking, in particular domestic servitude, forced labor and sexual exploitation

The report said it must suspend the decisions that obstruct the entitlement of migrant workers in government agencies for their labor rights such as the end of service benefits, only after the termination of their residences and the notification of leaving the country  and it must to ensure decent work for all workers, especially domestic workers.

Since the beginning of this year, Kuwait Society for Human Rights has established a special unit to monitor and follow up the issues of migrant workers’ rights in Kuwait, which aims to highlight employment issues and issue periodic analytical reports.

The establishment of the unit is a part of the project “Support for the legal protection of migrant workers in Kuwait” which is implemented by the Society in cooperation with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. And that is considered a second phase of the project “Together … to educate migrant workers on their rights in Kuwait”, which was implemented by the Society in cooperation with the Netherlands embassy in Kuwait.

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