Awareness campaign on Labor Law and Domestic Labor

Kuwait :

Mr. Khaled Al Humaidi, Chairman of the Kuwait Society for Human Rights, announced the launch of an awareness campaign on Labor and Domestic Labor Laws that aimed at introducing society to the articles of the two laws and educating them on the rights they grant to migrant workers in Kuwait.

He pointed out that the campaign would last for two months, during which awareness leaflets would be published in the form of awareness posters, summarized in Kuwaiti Labor Law No. 6 of 2010 on work in the private sector, Law No. 68 of 2015 regarding domestic workers in Kuwait and the two Ministerial Resolutions No. 2194 and 2302 of 2016 and the implementing decisions of the Labor Law No. 6 of 2010, as well as the Guide to the Management of Labor Relations and its Units.

The campaign, which will share 50 posts on a daily basis through the Society’s websites and mailing lists, coincides with the emergence of widespread societal criticism that ridicules and deplores the articles of the Domestic Labor Law that allow domestic workers to keep their personal documents such as passports and civil cards.

“Monitoring and Follow-up Unit for Workers’ Affairs in Kuwait” followed a large number of comments on the articles of the Labor Law during the campaign. She noted that there is a lack of knowledge about the articles of the law issued in 2015 and lack of acceptance of some of its articles, believing that these items are new decisions not legal material adopted three years ago. The Monitoring Unit considered that an awareness campaign should be conducted to raise the awareness of the society in general of the fundamental rights granted to the workers in Kuwait by the law.

The Society is implementing a project to legally protect migrant workers in Kuwait by defending their issues and knowingly by awareness of their rights through a hotline and awareness-raising messages. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and aims to promote legal awareness of human rights and defend all individuals and groups whose human rights are violated in violation of the articles of the law.

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