Question 9 - What are the cases in which the Public Authority for Labor Force may automatically cancel the work permit issued to the worker?
Answer 9 -
  1. In case of more than six consecutive months passed on the presence of the worker out of the country unless he has the permission of the General Directorate of Residence Affairs.
  2. The residence permission of the worker ended while he was out of the country.
  3. The worker was deported form the country for any reason.
Question 8 - Does the sponsor (employer) have the right to retain the travel documents of his workers?
Answer 8- Article (32) of Administrative Decision no. (839) concerning the organization of work in the oil and civil sectors prohibits the employers in the civil sector and oil business sector to retain the travel documents of their workers.
Question 7- Does the worker who had a work injury or occupational disease have the right in payment during the period of treatment?
Answer 7- Yes, the worker has the right in payment during the period of treatment determined by the doctor. If the treatment period was over six months, the worker receives half of pay only until his recovery or disability or death.  The worker deserves compensation in case of permanent disability or for his heirs in case of death.
Question 6 - What are the sickness leaves that the worker is entitled to annually?
Answer 6 – The leaves that are prescribed in the labor law no. 6 of 2010 are in the following order: - 15 days with full pay. - 10 days with three-quarters of pay. - 10 days with half of pay. - 10 days with a quarter of pay. - 30 days without pay.
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