Chapter Two: Conditions for Issuing Licenses to Offices

Article 2

In order to issue and renew a license to pursue the business of recruiting domestic workers from abroad, the following conditions must be met:
1) The requester of a license must be of Kuwaiti nationality, must have a history of good conduct and good reputation, and must not have been convicted of a felony or a crime involving a breach of integrity or honour, for which they have not been pardoned.
2) The requester’s age must be no less than thirty years and no more than seventy years old.
3) Must have a high school diploma, and be medically fit, by being free of any disability that prevents them from working.
4) The requester of a license must submit a letter of guarantee from a local bank. The amount of the guarantee is to be determined by a decision issued by the Minister of Interior.
Companies working in the field of domestic workers recruitment in which the state or its public institutions have a share in the company’s capital can be granted licenses. The company profits may not exceed 10 percent as a return on the shareholder’s capital. It is permissible to grant a license to a company whose activity is the recruitment of domestic labour.

Article 3

It is not permissible to recruit domestic labour without a valid license issued by the Ministry of Interior.

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