Chapter Three: Obligations of the Parties to the Contract

part one

Obligations of the Recruitment Offices

Article 4

The licensee or its employees or its associates within or outside Kuwait are not permitted to charge the domestic worker (and the like) any fees in return for employing the worker with an employer or arranging for the worker to stay employed with the employer, whether such charges are direct or indirect. If it is proven that such fees have been charged at any stage of the employment process, the licensee will be penalized in accordance with the Penal Code for the crimes of extortion and illicit gains. The recruitment office may not be used as housing for the labourers

Article 5

The offices are not permitted to advertise, promote or categorize the labourers according to faith, gender, colour, or cost, or advertise them in any humanly degrading manner.

Article 6

The domestic worker recruitment office must contact the Department of Domestic Labour whenever the department sends a letter of summons to the office.

part two

Obligations of the Employer

Article 7

The employer is obligated to pay the agreed wage to the domestic worker that works for the employer at the end of every month. Transfer receipts and cash receipts are types of proof that the domestic worker has received his/her wages.

Article 8

The payment of the monthly wage to the domestic worker is to start from the actual date that the worker began working for the employer. It is not permissible under any circumstances to deduct any portion of the wages

Article 9

The employer is required to provide the domestic worker with food, clothing, medicine and medical treatment, and housing

Article 10

It is not permissible to assign to the domestic worker any dangerous work that could affect the worker’s health or humiliate the worker’s dignity. The Department of Domestic Labour has the jurisdiction to handle any claims that arise from such behaviour.

Article 11

The employer must provide suitable housing for the domestic worker that enables decent living standards.

Article 12

The employer is not allowed to keep in his possession any of the domestic worker’s personal identity documents, such as passport or civil status card, unless the domestic worker has agreed thereof.

part three

Obligations of the Domestic Worker

Article 13

The domestic worker must perform the work assigned to her/him in accordance with what is required in the provisions of the contract.

Article 14

While working, the domestic worker must comply with the instructions and directions of the employer within the limits of the provisions of the contract.

Article 15

The domestic worker must protect the employer’s wealth and property and not reveal the employer’s secrets.

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