Chapter One:Preliminary Provisions

Article 1

In this law, the following words and expressions will have the meanings as shown next to each one:
1. Domestic worker: Any male or female assigned to manual labour within private homes (and the like) to the benefit of individuals and in accordance with a written contract.
2. Employer: The person who engages the domestic worker to work for her/him in accordance with a contract prepared by the Ministry of Interior.
3. Offices subject to the provisions of this law: Domestic worker recruitment offices that have been issued a license to pursue business by the Ministry of Interior.
4. Foreign offices: Offices that send domestic workers operating outside the State of Kuwait that have been issued a license to pursue the business of sending domestic workers from official institutions in those countries and which are endorsed by the embassies of the State of Kuwait in those countries.
5. Department of Domestic Labour: The Department of Domestic Labour at the Ministry of Interior.

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