Chapter Four: Work and Employment Contracts

part one

Fundamental Provisions of the Contract

Article 16

Upon termination of the contract between the domestic worker and the employer, the employer must pay the domestic worker all of her/his entitlements as set forth in the contract and stipulated in this law. The contract may be renewed automatically if neither of the two parties (employer or domestic worker) expresses her/his wish to not renew the contract at least two months before the end of the contract.

Article 17

Obligations of the Office Owner
The recruitment office is to guarantee the continuous employment of the domestic worker for a period of six months. The office is required to return the domestic worker to her/his country and reimburse any amounts it charged of the employer if any of the following circumstances occur:
1. If there exists an obstacle that prevents the domestic worker from performing her/his tasks, which the employer has no hand in.
2. If the domestic worker becomes ill with a communicable disease or any physical, medical, or psychological disability that prevents her/him from continuing to work.
3. If the public good requires the enforcement of a legal restriction that prevents the employer from obtaining residence status for the domestic worker.
4. If the domestic worker is administratively removed for the requirements of the public good.
5. If the office provides the employer with incorrect information regarding the domestic worker.
6. If the domestic worker refuses to work or leaves the work to an unknown location.
If the office refuses to pay the costs of returning the domestic worker to her/his country or reimburse the charges it required of the employer, the Department of Domestic Labour will pursue this task by deducting from the guarantee letter stipulated in Article 2 of this law.

Article 18

It is not permissible for the employer to hire a domestic worker without a recruitment contract (bilateral or trilateral according to the circumstances) issued by the Department of Domestic Labour at the Ministry of Interior. The contract is to written in both Arabic and English and must include the following details:
 Name of domestic worker with complete personal information.
 Name of employer with complete personal information.
 Duration of the contract.
 Date of starting work.
 Agreed wage and method of payment.
 Type and nature of work assigned to the worker.
 Specific description of the place of work.

part two

On Wages

Article 19

The term “wage” refers to the basic salary paid to the domestic worker as set out in the employment contract between the two parties. The wage may not be less than the minimum wage set per a decision issued by the Minister of Interior.

Article 20

The employer is obligated to pay the wages at the end of each month as agreed in the contract.

part three


Article 21

It is not permitted to recruit or employ a domestic worker, whether female or male, whose age is less than 21 years or more than 60 years. The competent minister may make exceptions to the age condition.

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