Chapter Five: On Working Hours and Leaves

Article 22

Recruitment contracts prepared by the Department of Domestic Labour must incorporate the following rights for the domestic workers:
1. The employer is obligated to provide food, housing, and clothing for the domestic worker, as well as medical treatment if injured on the job and compensation for job injuries.
2. The length of work hours must be set at no more than 12 hours in a one-day period and must be interspersed with break hours.
3. The domestic worker has the right to a paid weekly break and paid annual leave.
4. There must be a clause stating that the domestic worker’s passport is the worker’s personal document that s/he has the right to keep in her/his possession. It is not permissible for the employer to confiscate the domestic worker’s passport and deprive the worker from keeping it unless the worker grants approval thereof.
5. The employer is obligated to transport the deceased body of the domestic worker to her/his country when s/he dies, and must pay the wages of the month in which the worker died.

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