Chapter Eight : Disputes

Article 31

With regard to disputes that arise between the parties to the contract, the Department of Domestic Labour has the jurisdiction to settle such disputes in accordance with the procedures shown in the regulations issued for this purpose. If a settlement is not reached, the dispute is to be referred to the competent court

Article 32

If a settlement is reached in a dispute between the employer and the domestic worker, this must be recorded in a written contract and a copy thereof kept in the domestic worker’s file at the recruitment office and the Department of Domestic Labour.

Article 33

The Director of the Department of Domestic Labour is to issue an order to temporarily extend the residence permit of the domestic worker until a final decision is made on the complaint and until the worker is paid all due entitlements

Article 34

When a dispute or disagreement between the domestic worker and employer is resolved, the Department of Domestic Labour is required to issue a quittance certificate to the domestic worker stating that s/he has no further right to any entitlements or to make any demands of the:
1. Employer.
2. Recruitment office.
A copy of this certificate is to be delivered to the:
 Employer.
 Recruitment office.
 Domestic worker or her/his representative.

Article 35

With regard to all disputes in which a settlement is not reached, it is permissible for the parties to the contract to direct their cases to the Civil Court to expeditiously consider the case before the Labour Circuit.

Article 36

All domestic worker cases wherein the claimant is the domestic worker are to be free of judicial charges at all levels of the judicial proceedings

Article 37

The head of the Labour Circuit is responsible for setting the date for the session to expeditiously deliberate the disputes referred to it. The date must be within no more than one month. The Department of Court Registrars is responsible for informing the disputing parties of the date of the session set to hear the case at least two weeks ahead of the session.

Article 38

Any matter not mentioned in this law with regard to judicial procedures is to be governed by the provisions of Decree Law No. 38 of 1980 to promulgate the Law of Civil and Commercial Proceedings and its corresponding amendment laws.

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