Chapter Nine : General Provisions

Article 39 A request for a license to pursue the business of recruiting domestic workers is to be submitted to the Department of Domestic Labour on the application form devised for this purpose. Any relevant documents and data are to … Readmore

Chapter Eight : Disputes

Article 31 With regard to disputes that arise between the parties to the contract, the Department of Domestic Labour has the jurisdiction to settle such disputes in accordance with the procedures shown in the regulations issued for this purpose. If … Readmore

Chapter Seven : Penalties

part one Administrative Measures Applied Against the Domestic Workers Office Article 24 Without prejudice to the provision of Article 25 of this law, the Director of the Department of Domestic Labour may take administrative action against a domestic worker office … Readmore

Chapter Six :End of Service Remuneration

Article 23 End of service remuneration for the domestic worker is to be allocated for payment after completion of the contract duration. The amount is set at one month’s wage for every year.

Chapter Five: On Working Hours and Leaves

Article 22 Recruitment contracts prepared by the Department of Domestic Labour must incorporate the following rights for the domestic workers: 1. The employer is obligated to provide food, housing, and clothing for the domestic worker, as well as medical treatment … Readmore

Chapter Four: Work and Employment Contracts

part one Fundamental Provisions of the Contract Article 16 Upon termination of the contract between the domestic worker and the employer, the employer must pay the domestic worker all of her/his entitlements as set forth in the contract and stipulated … Readmore

Chapter Three: Obligations of the Parties to the Contract

part one Obligations of the Recruitment Offices Article 4 The licensee or its employees or its associates within or outside Kuwait are not permitted to charge the domestic worker (and the like) any fees in return for employing the worker … Readmore

Chapter Two: Conditions for Issuing Licenses to Offices

Article 2 In order to issue and renew a license to pursue the business of recruiting domestic workers from abroad, the following conditions must be met: 1) The requester of a license must be of Kuwaiti nationality, must have a … Readmore

Chapter One:Preliminary Provisions

Article 1 In this law, the following words and expressions will have the meanings as shown next to each one: 1. Domestic worker: Any male or female assigned to manual labour within private homes (and the like) to the benefit … Readmore
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