Educating expatriate workers about their rights in Kuwait, The multi-lingual “Together” e-platform is an output of the project of educating expatriate workers about their rights in Kuwait, which is executed by KuwaitSociety for Human Rights in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kuwait. The platform contains a dynamic website and a smartphone application. The platform provides education and awareness services through laws, cartoons and photos, as well as direct inquiry through the platform or hotline.
Through the platform, workers can submit complaints about violations of their rights. The platform has lawyers and legal advisors who can respond to workers’ inquiries and complaints.
The Website and application are linked to a secure electronic database to store information and data in addition to keeping users confidentiality.
The idea of the platform is to contribute to tackling the wrong practices against migrant workers in Kuwait. This is done through several mechanisms that contribute to educating the workers themselves about their rights and duties, as well as providing legal support to them in several languages to receive workers’ inquiries and complaints, as well as monitoring and documenting abuses they encounter and publish them in periodic reports.


– Contribute to the education of expatriate workers in Kuwait with their rights guaranteed by local laws, international covenants and treaties.
– Providing legal advice to expatriate workers in Kuwait in the appropriate language in order to contribute to the protection of their rights.
– Raise social awareness of the importance of supporting the rights of migrant workers.
– Provide a positive model for the active participation of the civil society in supporting workers’ rights.

Platform Sections:

This service enables the application for expert advice and response to inquiries from foreign workers about the laws and procedures related to labor rights whether through the platform or through the hotline 2222222. The inquiry will be answered by legal experts automatically. The service recipient will be able to follow up on the platform,while retaining inquiry messages.
Submitting complaints
Users can file a complaint to be examined by specialized lawyers. The complainant will be informed of the procedures and methods of resolving it. The Kuwaiti Society for Human Rights, in cooperation with the General Authority for Labor Force, will contribute to resolving some complaints that require intervention.
The platform receives several types of workers complaints including (complaint of cancellation and transfer, passport recovery complaint, financial claim, final travel cancellation complaint, other labor complaints).
All information provided by users will be treated with high confidentiality, with the complaint being archived in the user’s account, which can be viewed, updated and followed up in case of intervention by the Society.

Legal knowledge
This section contains the texts of national legislations relating to the rights of expatriate workers such as (labor law in the private sector, domestic labor law, administrative decisions, etc.) in five different languages, in addition to the texts of international conventions related to the rights of expatriate workers.

The Legal Knowledge Department contains a collection of illustrations (caricatures) and images that illustrate the basic rights of employment, and can be shared in social networking sites.

Directory of Organizations and Embassies
The directory of organizations and embassies includes the basic information to contact the competent authorities that accept workers’ complaints, the procedures for requesting assistance and the type of assistance provided by these authorities, including the map, telephone numbers and addresses of the embassies of the expatriate countries and the person responsible for communication in case the labor underwent any grievance. The directory also states the type of assistance provided by authorities and embassies.

Available languages.
Marketing phrases

A worker’s guide to his rights in Kuwait

Together to address the misconduct against migrant workers

Help protect your and their labor rights.

Your platform for your law-guaranteed right

Your rights are guaranteed by law, the “Together” platform guides you thereto.